Our founder, Gregg Masters, MPH has spent most of his professional career in the managed care industry negotiating master agreements between health systems, physician networks including independent practice associations (IPAs) and medical groups and major insurance companies’ from Aetna to Kaiser Permanente and multiple third party administrators (TPAs) on behalf of self funded clients.

The types of contracts negotiated include discounted fee-for-services arrangements, bundled pricing, partial or global capitation (physician, hospital and pharmacy) to percent of premium contracts.

Never, absolutely NEVER pay ‘retail’ (the billed amounts) for hospital services. The ‘rack rates‘ reflected in a hospital’s charge master have little to no correlation with the cost of providing care.

If you have a hospital bill that exceeds $25,000, we may be able to help. Submit your contact information and we’ll be in touch to schedule a complimentary conference call to learn more about your situation and needs.